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Life Insurance & Final Expense Policies

Protect your family's finances with life insurance or final expense policies from our insurance agency. DeLouis Insurance Group makes it easy and affordable to purchase the life insurance you need to ensure your family is okay after you pass away. Contact us at (855) 335-6847 to speak with our friendly agent about your concerns.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is the most affordable type of insurance for working families. This type of insurance allows you to buy a term from 10, 15 to 35 years at a fixed level premium, which helps you get the maximum amount of coverage for as little expense as possible. To learn more about this product, please click here.

Additionally, term life insurance helps you still have the money you need to cover other insurance bills, thanks to its fixed rate. At the end of the term, you can either convert your policy to a permanent insurance or apply for another term policy.

Newest kid on the block - Return of Premium (ROP) is a term life insurance policies that return 100% of your premiums (minus additional riders) back to the policy owner at the end of the term if NO death benefit has been paid within the term period. The longer the policy is held, the higher the percentage of premiums that will be returned, up to 100% at the end of the term slightly cost more than the straight term.

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Index Universal Life Insurance

This type of insurance can be used for anything from retirement to college education and is not tied to any risk on the policyholder. Offering upside potential and downside protection, index universal life insurance is tied to the stock market and can adjust over time using the S&P 500 Index and The NASDAQ 100 Index. Talk with our agent today to learn about the benefits and risks of this insurance. To learn more about our standard Universal Life, click here.

Final Expense

If you are a senior citizen who has not had the opportunity to save for retirement and does not have any other insurance, then the final expense insurance is for you. This policy features a fixed premium and is designed to assist seniors who have been unable to obtain insurance due to health issues. Let us tell you more about our final expense policy today by clicking here (for espanol click here) to view further details.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life are known to be the most expensive life insurance compare to term due to guaranteed cash accumulation and death benefit to age 100.

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